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Autism Voice UK

Autism Voice UK

Autism Voice is a UK based organization that works with people (children and adults) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families in communities in the UK.

Autism Voice was founded by a family of an Autistic child who struggled to get acceptance and recognition from within their community.

We provide emotional support to Autistic people and their families, community autism awareness raising outreach services, respite and play centre facilities for autistic children and social and cultural club for Autistic young adults.

One of the organisation’s aims is to end Autism related stigma and discrimination for autistic people and their families in the BEM community and the wider society in the UK.

Autism Voice works with partner organisation to pursue it objectives. These include: West Indian Association of Service Personnel and Charity Golf Club UK.

What We Do?

Autism Voice UK is involved in a number of services to reach it goals.

Emotional support – Our emotional support volunteers/key workers offer advice about the services available to autistic people and their families, help families identify their pressing needs and sign post them to the appropriate authorities or charities.

Mentorship – Our mentorship program provides confidential support to Autistic Adults on a range of practical and emotional issues with an aim of helping them identify and strategize plans to help in their personal development.

Group Counselling – We offer group counselling services that provides a new means for Parents/Carers and anyone directly working with someone with ASD to connect with each other through shared experience common connectivity.


Autism Voice UK works with Autistic people (children and adults) and their families in communities in the UK and in Africa
West Indian Ex-services Association Building 161-167, Clapham Manor Street, London SW4 6DB

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