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We welcome the opportunity to work with commissioners and to partner with organisations to provide support services for people experiencing mental distress.

Commission our services
Together runs services around the country providing service user led and person centred support to people who experience mental distress. Over our long history, we have built our expertise and delivered excellence based on the knowledge and insights of the people we work alongside – we know that it is through valuing people’s lived experience of mental distress we are able to support people to fulfil their potential and ambitions.

People with lived experience of mental distress have also helped design our services which offer support in the areas of accommodation and supported housing, community support, advocacy and the criminal justice system.

Many of the people we support also struggle with a range of experiences in addition to their mental distress including substance misuse, learning difficulties, poverty, trauma, homelessness and housing issues. We know that we will only improve people’s lives by working collaboratively with a variety of different agencies including Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) as well as partnering with other organisations from across the voluntary and community sector. We have found time and time again that the ideas, strengths and skills of different providers, professionals and organisations working together enable us all to meet our common goals much more effectively and efficiently.

Our teams are adaptable, creative and resilient in the ways they can reach out and support people. We are always happy to share our learning and expertise, to discuss our different models of support and to offer solutions to developing bespoke services to meet the needs of service users.

Our 5 year business development strategy promotes a collaborative approach to delivering and developing services. We would love to have an initial conversation with you so please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of this page providing some details on the nature of your enquiry and a member of our team will be in touch. We would welcome hearing from professionals from local authorities to NHS commissioners, to managers through to senior staff or from other voluntary and community sector organisations.

Why work with Together?

Together has more than 140 years’ experience of working alongside people who are experiencing mental distress. We have played a key role in shaping mental health support and services in response to government health and social care reforms since our founding and we continue to develop new approaches to care and play an influential role in shaping future responses to the mental health and wellbeing needs of local citizens

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A service user led approach to mental health support

Our core principle of service user leadership empowers people to lead their own care and support and to inform and influence the way services are run. Our work is supportive, practical and person-centred. Peer support is a key part of Together services and we have significant experience of and knowledge in developing and delivering programmes which allow people to support others using their own lived experience of mental distress. No matter how impactful their mental health distress, we help people take their own steps towards better and more fulfilling lives through training, activities and volunteering networks. The people in our services also shape the wider development of Together through our service user leadership activities.

Recognition for success

The success of our approach to mental health care is well-documented in research, surveys and people sharing their personal stories . Our staff are trained in best practice and we have developed specialist expertise in a number of areas including statutory advocacy and criminal justice mental health. By working with Together, you will be accessing an organisation that is experienced, knowledgeable and focused on the wellbeing and future lives of the people who use its services.

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