Our principles of support

We work alongside people with mental distress to develop their insights, skills and potential.

Our principles of support
Our purpose at Together is to work alongside people with mental distress to develop their insights, skills and potential and promote their voices to improve policy and practice for all.

Our vision is to be a recognised charity leader in its field, delivering high quality mental health support services, empowering service users to lead their own care and support and enabling their collective voice to inform and influence.

Our purpose and vision reflect our core ethos at Together – Service User Leadership. Service User Leadership means the people who use our services are empowered to make choices that effect their lives, lead their journey to wellbeing on their own terms and collectively influence and improve organisations and society.

The way we operationalise our services is grounded in our Service User Leadership ‘Principles of Support’ and organisational values, as they form the foundation of our practice in all service types across the organisation, regardless of role and location.

Across Together, we work collaboratively to ensure that our principles of support are embedded into the cultural life of the organisation, reflected in the approach, attitudes, values and behaviours of our workforce.  This enables service user led practice to be rooted in ‘how we do things’ in order for the people we work alongside to feel empowered to make decisions, and have choice and control around their own care and support.

We also believe that in order for us to deliver services that work for and with the people who use them, including the communities we serve, we need to ensure that we work alongside people with lived experience of mental distress to shape the design and delivery of our services, including how we make decisions regarding our models, policies, and practices in equal partnership.

Operational staff are provided tailored support, guidance and training from our dedicated Service User Leadership Team in collaboration with operational managers, to ensure that we are effectively implementing our unique approach that will ensure the highest quality and experience of the services we provide.