Our Impact

The impact we have is reflected in the successes of the people who use our services and their wellbeing. We believe that people who experience mental distress have the right and the abilities to lead independent, fulfilling lives as part of their communities and this page shows some of the ways we've done that.

Our Impact

Our impact in figures

11,547 In 2022 our combined mental health services supported 11,547 people encouraging them to make their own choices towards living independent, fulfilling lives

370 In our accommodation services we worked alongside 370 people to lead their own care and support

3,276 Our criminal justice services supported 3,276 people in probation and court settings empowering them to make choices through involvement

3,900 Our community support teams worked collaboratively with 3,900 people achieving their goals and aspirations together

2,645 We represented and gave a voice to more than 2,645 people through our advocacy services