Referrals to the Hub

If you are a resident of the borough of Southwark (or you have a GP based in Southwark) and you have concerns about your mental health or wellbeing, or about the mental health or wellbeing of someone you care about – we are here to help.

Please contact us directly.

For professionals

Southwark Wellbeing Hub works in partnership with Southwark Council’s Adult Social Care Mental Health Team. We provide an easy point of access for any person who has care and support needs because of their mental health and also any person who cares for someone with mental health needs.

When referrals are received at the Southwark Wellbeing Hub we triage them to determine:

If a person’s support needs are at a level which would best be supported by the Hub

For referrals which remain in the Hub, we will contact individuals to listen and find out what’s most important to them and what they think could best support their needs. We’ll discuss options for how those needs can be met by community and statutory partners and create a plan to support that person to be confidently linked with that support.

If a person has higher care and support needs that should be supported by a Mental Health Adult Social Care Team

We are strongly linked with Southwark Council’s Mental Health Contact Team. Where it appears that someone may have eligible needs under the Care Act 2014 and may require social care support, we will refer them to the Mental Health Contact Team who will decide the most appropriate way to support. This may be to refer individuals directly for reablement support. Or a person may be offered a care and support needs assessment.

When referrals have been thoroughly triaged, will then be forwarded to the appropriate team and the referrer is notified of the outcome.

You can find information on eligibility decisions here:

If you are an adult with care needs and want more information about the process in Southwark, you can find more information on the Southwark Council website.

Make a referral:

If you are a professional who would like to make a referral for someone who has care and support needs, or a carer for someone with mental health needs, then please complete the appropriate referral form in as much detail as possible and send this with an existing risk assessment to

The referral form is a very important part of the process as decisions on what level of support a person requires are based on the information provided. We therefore need to get a clear understanding of a person’s care needs from the referral form and the impact these care needs are having on a person’s life.

Safeguarding and Approved Mental Health Practitioner enquiries

An important distinction is for Safeguarding and Approved Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP) Assessments. The Southwark Wellbeing Hub is not your first point of call for these. Safeguarding and AMHP enquiries should instead be directed to Southwark Council, via the contact details below:

Referral routes
Type of referralEmail addressPhone number
Safeguarding referrals: For adults (18-65 years) with a mental 7525 0088
AMHP 7525 0093