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Hibiscus Initiatives (Hibiscus) is a voluntary sector organisation with a track record of delivering high-quality services for over 30 years. We have distinct expertise in working with marginalised foreign national (FN); black, minority ethnic and refugee (BMER) women in prison, in community, and in detention, as well as with men in custodial settings where this complements our work with women.
Our work falls into four broad areas: prisonscommunityinternational resettlement and human trafficking.
Our person-centred approach engages the clients, supporting and empowering them in dealing with their multiple and often complex needs and, importantly, addresses the disadvantage that language and cultural barriers present.
In addition to being a lifeline to our clients, our work is widely respected by prison, probation and immigration staff who have time and time again expressed their appreciation for the services we provide.

“Very impressed with excellent work and attitude of Hibiscus who support those trafficked and vulnerable…An excellent organisation for statutory partners to work with and learn from” (Victims Commissioner for London)

Our specialist expertise in international reintegration and resettlement, and supporting migrant offenders and those at risk of offending, places Hibiscus as one of the leading organisations supporting foreign nationals and BMER groups and individuals involved in the UK criminal justice system.
We work with over 1,000 clients from over 119 countries, providing:

  • welfare, advice, advocacy, volunteering and mentoring in prisons
  • reintegration assistance and practical and emotional support for people in detention and those released from Immigration Removal Centres
  • community resettlement support for ex-offenders
  • identification of potential victims of trafficking and awareness-raising on the risks of being trafficked to the UK.

We also aim to educate and influence policy makers and the public about the experiences of our clients, many of whom end up in the criminal justice system when in fact they should be treated as victims of abject poverty, violence or because they have been coerced into criminal activity.
We are OISC accredited at level 2 and First Point of Contact for victims of domestic violence. We are also accredited with NCVO Trusted Charity Mark (Level 1)

Address & Contact details

356 Holloway Road London N7 6PA

Phone: 0207 697 4120

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