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Buttle UK

Buttle UK aims to meet the needs of families and young people in crisis.

As the largest grant awarding charity in the UK that focuses solely on children and young people in need, Buttle UK hear about children and young people in circumstances that most people are unaware of. Buttle UK support children and families who are not having their needs met through statutory or other traditional routes of support.
Their key areas of focus are:

  • Boarding places. For over 50 years Buttle UK has funded boarding school places for vulnerable children.  Some families face serious issues, where parents or carers are struggling to cope and which mean that the child may be at risk of going into care.
  • Domestic abuse. Buttle UK’s support is needs-led and focused on empowering children, young people and families to identify what they most need to make their transition to independent living a success. With a holistic package of support our grants can include counselling and activities for children to meet their emotional needs, in addition to the more traditional essential household items such as cookers and children’s beds to meet their physical needs.
  • Emergency essentials. There are thousands of children throughout the UK who do not have their own bed to sleep in, or live in a house without a cooker. Providing basic household items, such as a bed or white goods, gives them things that most of us take for granted, but it also means the family does not have to take on more debt.
  • Estranged young people. Buttle UK aims to support young people who are estranged from their families or carers. The package of support they offer young people contains: support for an education, employment or training goal, as well as funding toward establishing a stable home environment and access to activities that help promote a young person’s wellbeing. They can offer grants to people aged 16-20 who have no family support.

With the exception of grants for boarding school fees all applications must be made by a support worker. ‘Support worker’ refers to someone who works for a statutory agency or voluntary organisation that helps a client in a professional capacity. They may be a health worker, a youth support worker, housing support officer, someone connected to their school or college or someone in a similar role. Please see Buttle UK’s website for further information and to apply for grants.

Address & Contact details

15 Greycoat Place London SW1P 1SB

Email: Use the contact form on Buttle UK’s website:
Phone: 020 7828 7311

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