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1A Rupert Square
Phone: 0203 962 8201

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The service has a place-based community focus supported by an office based at Rupert Square. This means Outreach Workers work in a dynamic and flexible way to reach people in their communities.

Services & Projects Oversight Manager: André Silva

Head of Regional Operations: Gianluca Zucchelli

About the service

The Reading Community Outreach Service provides mental health support in the community within Reading to improve the wellbeing of people and help build resilience and independence to help combat issues that directly impact people’s mental wellbeing such as experiences of poverty and inequality.

We look to support people on their journey towards better mental wellbeing but also have a specific aim of providing preventative mental support to reach people from ethnically diverse communities to ensure that they have access to the right support at the right time. Our service specifically looks to work alongside people who are refugees and asylum seekers, those who may have experienced discrimination or injustice, as well and supporting them to feel part of the local community to achieve self-sufficiency.

We provide personalised support delivered by Peer Outreach Workers, who have lived experience of mental distress themselves, who bring a genuine understanding and empathetic approach in supporting people to work towards their own identified goals. The service provides 1-2-1 support of up to 9 weeks whilst meeting people in the community or providing phone and online sessions. There is also a group programme themed around wellbeing, developing coping strategies, self-management and facilitating peer support. People can choose how they  access support – whether that’s in person, online via video chat, or on the phone.

Please note this does not extend to meeting people in their homes. Our staff will meet people in the community in public places such as libraries or coffee shops.  It should also be noted that the meetings our staff conduct will be specifically to provide one to one support.

Part of our support is specifically for people in Reading from the refugee and asylum seeker community. We offer specialist one to one and group support from a Peer Outreach Worker who has first-hand experience of being a refugee.

Upcoming events with Reading Community Outreach Service

‘Functional Wellbeing’

This workshop will focus on achieving mental wellbeing through functional physical exercise. Led by Haroon, a certified level 3 Trainer, the workshops are scheduled for Fridays on the 8th, 15th, and 22nd of March 2024, from 11 am to 12 pm at Together’s main office in Reading.

To register your interest please contact

“Weaving Resilience: A 5-Session Journey for Mental Wellbeing through Art”

Join us for our upcoming workshop led by Farah Taha, a master graduate and international artist. This workshop will provide a therapeutic space for refugees, and members of the community to find support, express themselves, and cultivate resilience through art therapy. Through the use of patterns and repetition, participants will embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and mutual support. Our aim is to create a safe environment for exploration, introduce the therapeutic benefits of patterns, build community, impart coping skills, and empower individuals to embrace their resilience. Starting on Thursday, 7th March, from 2-3.30PM at Together’s main office in Reading.

  • Session 1 – 7th of March: Introduction to Art Therapy and Safe Space Creation
  • Session 2 – 14th of March: Exploring Emotions Through Patterns
  • Session 3 – 21st of March: Finding Strength in Repetition
  • Session 4 – 28th of March: Building Community Through Shared Stories
  • Session 5 – 4th of April: Celebration of Resilience and Self-Expression

To register your interest please contact

“Unity in Expression: Art Workshop for Minority Communities’ Mental Wellbeing”

A dynamic collaboration between Together for Mental Wellbeing and ACRE (Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality). Led by local artist Joseph Silviano, these workshops are a beacon of creativity and healing, offering a nurturing environment for individuals from minority groups to explore the nexus of mental health and artistic expression.

But that’s not all. The artworks created in these workshops, alongside pieces from previous projects organised by Together, will be showcased in a compelling exhibition across various venues in Reading during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, from the 13th to the 19th of May.

Hosted at ACRE’s offices, at Royal Berkshire & Battle Hospital, 344 Oxford Rd, Reading RG30 1AQ, starting on 28th of March 2pm for 2hours each week. These workshops are not just about art – they’re about fostering healing, encouraging self-expression, and building a strong sense of community support. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey through the medium of art therapy.

To register your interest please contact

Making a referral to Reading Community Outreach Service

If you are a member of the public looking to access Reading Community support service for support or are a professional looking to refer a person to the service you can contact us directly by email at or call us on freephone 0203 962 8201Alternatively you can fill out the referral form below:

Reading Community Outreach Service Referral Form

Please let us know who is making the referral to the Reading Community Outreach Service and how you heard about us:

Who is making the referral to the Reading Community Outreach Service? *

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Is the referee currently a refugee or asylum seeker?
Is the referee currently a migrant in this country?

About the person being referred - In order to better understand the support you/the person being referred might need, it would be helpful if you could complete the following as best as you can. This is to better understand the situation, and some of the difficulties that may have been experienced. Please be as honest as possible, it is important that we are aware of anything which may impact our ability to support you/the person who is being referred safely.

Please can you outline if you would consider that you have difficulties, or problems in managing in any of these areas below (Please tick and then provide further details):

Equality and Diversity Monitoring - Please note questions in this section are optional and if you'd rather not answer or would prefer to provide the information in person you can leave these blank

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In order to carry out our work, Together needs to share information between some staff members and with organisations that commission the work or monitor and inspect us. In this service, that organisation is Reading Borough Council and Clinical Commissioning Group. This is a requirement for all service users and so we ask you to tick the box below to confirm that you understand and accept this. *
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New Service – Reading Community Outreach Plus!

Beginning on 1 April 2024, Reading Community Outreach Plus! is a new initiative aimed at transforming lives and uplifting communities in Reading. Based in your local community, individuals aged over 50 facing serious mental health challenges or special needs can find support, companionship, and expert guidance.

Support is available directly with drop-in sessions held at various locations across Reading, including GP surgeries, community centres, and libraries in the heart of areas like Coley, Whitley, Southcote, and Norcot. Three times a week, for 5 hours per session, the dedicated Reading Community Outreach Plus! team will be there for people who use the service, ready to listen, support, and guide them through life’s challenges.

Led by compassionate wellbeing workers from Together for Mental Wellbeing, sessions are designed to prevent hospital admissions, foster patient recovery, and seamlessly reintegrate individuals into their communities.

The service is also committed to tackling health and social inequalities head on. That includes managing mental wellbeing and combating social isolation and the general approach addresses every aspect of wellbeing. The team can also help with form filling for benefits or housing challenges and will aim to empower individuals, ensuring that every individual in the community has access to the resources they need to thrive.

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  • 9.30AM to 2.30PM over 3 days per week

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1A Rupert Square

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