It’s the best of both worlds living here. I can be independent and my own man, and also have a bit of company and support."

Our Services

Experts believe that one in four people will experience a mental health problem during their life. For an estimated 375,000 people, mental health problems may be complex and occur again and again throughout their lives.

Their life circumstances, too, may create obstacles to recovery. At Together, we work with the people with the greatest need and through our emphasis on Personalisation and Peer Support, our Services have been shaped by the experiences of the people who use them.

A range of mental health services

Our Services meet the different needs of around 4,000 adults a month:

  • We provide Community Support Resource Centres where people can access Community Support services, training and activities, socialise with others and receive support from their peers.
  • Our Home-based Community Support enables people to live independently in their own community and links them with volunteering, training and employment opportunities. We also provide support to families and carers of people with mental health issues.
  • Through our Advocacy work, we represent people with mental health problems to their communities and to specialist and secure hospitals.
  • We provide Criminal Justice Mental Health services by working with legal agencies such as the courts and probation services to make sure people with mental health problems are appropriately supported within the criminal justice system.
  • We find safe Housing for people with mental health problems and offer a mixture of home-based support, 24-hour residential support and light touch residential support to encourage independence and help people return to independent living. We have some beds for people in crisis.
  • We are developing the Your Way approach to provide individually-tailored and personalised mental health services to service users via our Resource Centres.

Finding a service for you

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Other Together services supporting mental wellbeing

We also offer skills and learning development to organisations to help them improve their own service delivery to people with mental health issues, we run events and we provide specialist information and professional comments for journalists. Please contact us to find out more.