Equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging at Together

Together is committed to and celebrates equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging across our services.

Equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging at Together

As well as our services that commitment extends to our workforce and in the way we work alongside people with lived experience of mental distress who use our services.

In the context of Together’s values, this means behaving without prejudice, discrimination and without negatively impacting a person’s wellbeing.

Everyone who has a connection with Together, whether they are part of our workforce, people who access our services, family, friends, visitors or our many other stakeholders, should all feel confident they will experience an environment that is kind, caring, open and honest. We recognise and value each other’s differences. We want everyone to feel they have a voice that is listened to, feel heard, safe and supported to be their authentic selves.

This will ensure that the decisions we make and the services we provide are informed by varied and diverse life experiences, allowing us to continually improve the support offered to our workforce and the people using our services.

What do we mean by Equity?

Equity means ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities regardless of any protected characteristics relating to things such as their background, where they were born, or what they believe. This does not mean always treating everyone the same. Sometimes this means treating people differently to ensure they have the same opportunities and making adjustments to accommodate an individual’s needs.

What do we mean by Diversity?

Diversity means celebrating, embracing and making space for our differences. Recognising and respecting diversity will enrich the way in which we work alongside and communicate with each other, allowing us to benefit from a range of different perspectives.

What do we mean by Inclusion?

Inclusion means creating a culture and environment where everyone feels safe and secure in the knowledge that they can be their whole selves.

What do we mean by Belonging?

Belonging is about everyone feeling valued, accepted and celebrated for who they are, and it is not about having to fit in. People should feel that their contributions are valued and they are able to reach their full potential, no matter their background, identity or circumstances.

Inclusion at Together film

In the summer of 2022, members of Together’s Inclusion Groups collaborated to record this video highlighting some of the common misconceptions they face, and to raise awareness, understanding and provide training to managers and staff across the organisation.