Together peer supporter shares poem inspired by new routine during lock down

Living through the Coronavirus, social distancing and lock down means we’re all adjusting to new routines and discovering activities that can help us cope with the new reality. While there is no doubt it’s a difficult time for everyone there can be upsides to reassessing the way we spend our time. That could be taking more time around the food you cook and gaining enjoyment from that, reconnecting with friends and family you may not otherwise have thought to contact and strengthening relationships or using time to really get into that TV series, book or musician you’ve been told is great.

Tom, a Peer Support and Volunteer Coordinator from our Norfolk Integrated Housing and Community Support Service is a great example of this and explains how his experience of taking up a new routine has inspired him to write a poem which he’s been kind enough to share. He provided this image and describes this below:

Walking in nature is important to my wellbeing and I was inspired by a friend, from a peer support group, to try a walk at dawn.

I woke naturally the next day and set-off on my usual route and arrived at the high ground, and clear view, just as the sun rose.

It really renewed my hope. Since then I have tried to be at that spot to see the sunrise each day.

Tom’s poem:


Each step gives of itself
leads to the sunrise

We arrive as time
as witness
to see it deliver morning

The horizon hears us
comforts us
dries our tears

Skies are as clear
as forgotten times
The hope of birdsong
is to the fore

Trees wonder
the land breathes, sighs
as light expands
then condenses
into a bright circle

into blessing and being
into new beginning