Northampton Town Charity Half Marathon runners raise money for Together’s Kingsley Road service

Every year Northampton Town runs a Charity Half marathon and the runners fundraise for their chosen charities. This year, Together were delighted to learn we were to be a recipient!

The father and brother of one of our Kingsley Road resident’s wanted to fundraise for the service, as a ‘thank you’ for supporting their loved one and the family as a whole.

They also kindly shared words of appreciation for the staff at Kingsley Road:

As his parents, we believe (our son) views Kingsley Road as his home... The team, led by Trish, are amazing, and it's a good job this world has people like them in it. Their care and support comes with all the attention and, I would say, love that we as parents could only dream of.

The family learned that raising money for the service could help us fulfil some of the ideas our residents had, which could improve our facilities and support their mental wellbeing. Kingsley Road has a spacious garden with plenty of wildlife that is enjoyed by residents, families and staff. We would very much like to add to our garden and our hope is that it continues to be a welcome respite for everyone at Kingsley Road, both future and present.

Below are photos of our staff and residents at Kingsley Road supporting the runners. We are incredibly grateful that they thought of us and we look forward to seeing the benefits of their generous donations in the future!