Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 Theme – Community

At Together for Mental Wellbeing, we are proud to both explore and celebrate the theme of ‘’Community’’ for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. This is a particular area of focus for us as we understand the positive impact being a part of a community can have for people experiencing mental distress.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 Theme – Community

A large part of our work is to promote the importance of connections with communities, which forms part of our mission to support individuals to live independent and fulfilling lives.

The importance of community and its positive impact on wellbeing was clear to our founder Reverend Henry Hawkins when he started our charity in 1879. Reverend Hawkins worked tirelessly with women who had been committed to asylums, supporting them in reintegrating back into society on their release. Reverend Hawkins recognised that a close and supportive community was a major protective factor and helped people avoid being committed again.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to share insights and stories from people who use our services as well as our staff and volunteers, on the different ways community and connections have been beneficial to mental health and wellbeing. These could include factors like housing, employment and volunteering which are key foundations that if people haven’t had previously, can be transformative and help them to be an active part of a community. They can also provide purpose and independence. Making connections through group activities, whether it is sport or a book club for example, can bring joy to all those taking part and help establish connections and combat isolation whilst also encouraging people to become active. Community groups also allow people to meet others who have similar backgrounds or beliefs, meaning members can identify with and share lived experiences and find belonging and inclusion.

Overall, we will be led by the people who use our services and the ways they feel community has been important to them. We are excited to see the different directions this takes us and to be able to showcase all the ways community has helped them.

Mental Health Awareness 2024 Stories from our services: