International Volunteer Day Interview with Together National Steering Group Member Mark Dale

Sunday the 5th of December is International Volunteer Day. Volunteers are a vital part of our services at Together providing experience, expertise and knowledge to our teams and we’re really grateful for all of the work they do.

To celebrate the day we spoke to Mark Dale on his experience of volunteering with Together and to find out about what his role involves. Mark is part of our National Steering Group which is a group of volunteers with lived experience of mental distress who meet regularly during the year to provide advice and guidance to our organisation around policy and our work.

In this first video Mark explains what his role entails and how he came to work with us at Together:

In this second film, Mark tells us about his previous experience of mental distress and how he uses his lived experience, or as he refers to it, his living experience, to inform the work he does with the National Steering Group:

For the final video in our interview with Mark Dale he describes what he would say to other people who are considering volunteering and what it means to him:

Thank you to Mark for taking the time to record this interview and to all of our volunteers at together for the important work they do across our services.