York Road Accommodation Service

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York Road
020 8642 6310

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24hr residential
24hr residential - complex needs/dual diagnosis
Progression Together

Service Manager (Acting up) Manager:  Sarah Gwenzi
Wellbeing and Operational Manager:  Richard Broad

Email: sarah-gwenzi@together-uk.org

About the service

The first Together home at York Road opened in 1955. Traditionally a long term home for people with low supports needs, York Road was refurbished and reopened in 2001 as a residential service offering specialist support to people experiencing mental distress alongside long-term challenging life experiences. For some people, their experiences have brought them into contact with the criminal justice system and receiving mental health treatment as part of inpatient care. The service offers a comprehensive support package designed to enable clients to lead their own care and support, take control of their lives and move on to independent living.

The focus of the service is supporting people to maintain mental wellbeing now and in the future. Key to achieving this is our commitment to working alongside people to lead their own care and support through the provision of highly individualised, bespoke support programmes that promote social and mental wellbeing. There is a 1:1 staff allocation; and as individuals progress on their journey towards better mental wellbeing progress, time spent with each person is evaluated and tailored to meet their individual goals and aspirations

York Road provides a home for 14 individuals. There are nine single rooms in the main building, with an annexe in its grounds made up of five rooms.

York Road is set in peaceful surroundings with large gardens at the front and back of the building, regularly maintained by staff and residents.


Referrals are accepted from anywhere in the country, with priority given to those funded by Sutton, Merton, Kingston, Richmond and Wandsworth. Sometimes our potential residents come to us directly from secure units within Hospitals and HM Prisons but we consider referrals from other parts of the country as well.

All individuals must have been assessed by a clinical team prior to being referred to us. Our assessment process is free of charge without commitment and may include a six weeks trial to provide an accurate needs assessment.

When people leave York Road to move on to independent living, we offer a six week outreach programme while individuals settle into their new homes.

Our staff come from various professional and ethnic backgrounds and are fully trained, all NVQ3 certified, committed and passionate about the work.

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