Lewisham Wellbeing Hub

Contact details

Address, phone and email

Regus London Lewisham Riverdale, Romer House
Office 2.15 and 2.17
132 Lewisham High Street, 1St Floor,
London SE13 6EE
Phone: 0208 609 6747
Email: Lewisham-Wellbeing-Hub@Together-uk.org

Services offered:

Community support
Income Maximisation Support
Peer support
Personalisation workshops

Service Manager: Alexandra Del Toro

Head of Regional Operations: Matina Marougka

The service is open from Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.

This service offers peer support.

The Lewisham Community Wellbeing Hub provides timely, targeted support to help people across the diverse communities in Lewisham to manage their mental health. Our aim is to provide people with the tools, resources and links to local services to improve their wellbeing and resilience in the long term, through the support of our experienced and skilled staff team. The service is open to anyone over 18 who lives in the London Borough of Lewisham, has experienced challenges with their mental health and who wants to improve their wellbeing.

The service delivers time-limited interventions to local residents in order to support them to develop strong self-care practices, maintain their wellbeing and feel able to be part of  the local community.

The service offers:

  • 1:1 support – up to 10 weeks of personalised support, including an initial assessment, and developing individualised goals and a support plan. As part of our 1:1 support offer, we have specialist Mental Wellbeing Advisors, who work with people from Black and ethnic minority groups, and migrants and refugees, delivering culturally sensitive and personalised, expert support.
  • Wellbeing Workshops – a rolling programme of psychoeducational and psychosocial groups, delivered both in person and virtually. This includes workshops specifically for identified areas of need e.g. neurodiversity, men, older people, young people transitioning to adult services, and significant life changes such as divorce, and becoming a parent.
  • Drop-in support, advice and navigation – there are a range of ways for people to contact the service if they have concerns or queries about their wellbeing, without needing a prior referral. This includes accessing our pop-ups in community venues across the borough, contacting our Hub Helpline, or sending us an email. We provide navigation support and information, helping people to find appropriate support whether through our service and/or another appropriate service.
  • Income Maximisation Support (groups and 1:1s) – providing information and support for people who use our services to apply for benefits and relevant grant schemes to maximise their income, address debt issues, and develop/improve skills around budgeting and money management.
  • Peer Support – volunteers with a lived experience of mental distress supporting others through 1:1 and group work (self-management groups), including in person, digital and telephone support options. View our Peer Support Groups Calendar.
  • Yoga classes – For information on joining yoga classes in Lewisham view our Yoga at the Lewisham Wellbeing Hub poster
  • Sydenham Garden – are a part of the Lewisham Wellbeing Hub and are sub-contractors with Together who use their gardens, nature reserve and activity rooms to help people in their recovery from mental and physical ill-health in Lewisham. The service aims to improve wellbeing through therapeutic activity and training, enabling people to move forward in a supportive community environment. You can read more on them and other community services in our Lewisham Wellbeing Hub Community Directory.

Accessing support

People can get in touch with us directly for self-referrals, or they can be referred to us by professionals. The service will be available to any Lewisham resident or anyone registered with a Lewisham GP, and aged over 18.

The service is delivered from a hub location, as well as various pop-up locations across the borough, and virtual support options.

Accessing the Lewisham Wellbeing Hub Community Directory

We have a community directory where we list services in the area that can provide further specialist support relating to mental health. This is available through the Lewisham Wellbeing Hub Community Directory.

Making a referral to Lewisham Wellbeing Hub

Referrals can be made to the Hub by health and social care professionals referring a person, or people can refer themselves using the referral form below:

Lewisham Wellbeing Hub Referral Form
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Signposting or lower support needs - At The Wellbeing Hub we provide signposting or short term, practical and emotional support helping people access and engage with different opportunities for support in the community.

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Risk Assessment

Are you a health professional with access to a formal risk assessment for the person?
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Equality and Diversity - Please note all of the questions in this section are voluntary and if you/the person you're referring would rather not say they do not have to answer them

What is your/the person you're referring's gender?
Is your/the person you're referring's gender identity the same as the gender that was assigned at birth?
How would you describe your/the person you're referring's faith / belief / religion?
What is your/the person you're referring’s sexual orientation?
Which of the following best matches the way you describe your/the person you're referring's ethnic origin?
Do you experience any of the following disabilities and/or health conditions? (tick as appropriate)
Please tick the box below to show that you or the person you’re referring agree to provide consent to share this information with Lewisham Wellbeing Hub and to be contacted by us. Lewisham Wellbeing Hub will only use this information to look to provide mental health support through the hub and that can include sharing this with other agencies related to your query like health or social care services to coordinate that response. Information will not be shared with any other third parties. Together's privacy policy is at https://www.together-uk.org/privacy-notice/ *

Regus London Lewisham Riverdale, Romer House
Office 2.15 and 2.17
132 Lewisham High Street, 1St Floor,
London SE13 6EE