Lawn Court Accommodation Service

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Albert Road
East Sussex
TN40 1DG
01424 211476

Services offered:

Community support
24hr residential
24hr residential - complex needs/dual diagnosis

Service Manager: Tony Lee-Peters

Wellbeing and Operational Manager: Richard Broad

Our partners in running this service: The home is owned by Together

About the service

Located in the tranquil seaside resort of Bexhill-on-Sea, Lawn Court first opened its doors in 1962 and over the past 60 years has evolved into one of the most highly regarded care & support homes in the area. Lawn Court is situated in the heart of town, just five minutes away from the town centre and beach.

At Lawn Court, we work alongside people experiencing mental distress on their journey towards greater wellbeing.

Our highly skilled staff work with individuals to support them identify their aspirations and draw up an outcome orientated support plan so that they are enabled to develop the necessary skills, insights and confidence to live more independently. We place a strong emphasis on people leading their own care and support through structured, planned and regularly reviewed support packages that empower them to increase and enhance their skills and wellbeing at their own pace.

Lawn Court also has its own sports club which improves the mental wellbeing of residents and members of the local community through physical activity and social inclusion.

Lawn Court has a large communal lounge where people can relax, watch TV or join in with our weekly movie nights.

With leather sofas and original works of art, the lounge is designed to foster positive & enjoyable interaction, and has a chic, fuss-free look that provides an ideal backdrop for socialising by day and relaxing by night.
A perfect example of life at Lawn Court comes from one of the people who currently uses the service with this testimonial from Emanuel:

‘I’ve been living here for 5 and a half years. The staff worked a miracle on me. I used to feel like a hunted wild animal and now I can say I’ve never been treated so well in my life before.
They are very patient and caring and the management is excellent, full of ideas.

From shopping markets or jewellers, to going out for drives and walks in the woods, from computer literacy and Russian lesson, to learning the guitar and violin. Cooking, gardening, DIY and making the garden look beautiful. They are constantly supporting me, even in matters of faith, they put me in touch with the Quakers.

Recently Joe Smidmore, a new addition, gave me my best birthday ever. He took me out for the day and he was delightful company.

I’m very, very, very happy in Lawn Court and I would recommend it to anyone.
My quality of life has improved a great deal since I came.

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Albert Road
East Sussex
TN40 1DG