Astley Cooper Place Accommodation Service

Contact details

Address and phone

6 Astley Cooper Place
Estcourt Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 4DN
01493 800233

Services offered:

Supported Living
NIHCSS Service

Tel: 01493 800233

Contract Manager: Sally Forrest

Service Manager: Lizzie Turner

Tel: 01493 855 595

Astley Cooper Place is a Supported Housing Service comprising of 19 Flats all self-contained. Support is provided on the care and support needs identified on the Care Assessment. The focus of ACP (Astley Cooper Place) is to support individuals with their social care needs specifically building skills focussed on daily living skills and independence with the eventual goal of independent living.

How is it staffed?

The service is staffed 24/7, with the office being open from 07.00-22.00 and staff are onsite during the night for emergencies only.

How much support will I receive?

Astley Cooper Place is commissioned to provide an average of up to 10 hours support per person per week. This will include direct and indirect support. The support will be tailored to the needs of the individual person who uses the service and detailed in a personal support plan. This support will be both direct and indirect

What type of support do we offer?

The aim of all of the services is to assess and support people to work towards their chosen housing goal and have the opportunity to live as independently as possible in the future.

Staff can offer support to manage:

  • A tenancy and all aspects of maintaining accommodation
  • Self-care and living skills
  • Claiming benefits, budgeting and debts
  • Improving health and well being
  • Making connections with the local community
  • Medication and engaging with health services
  • Accessing community resources
  • Exploring opportunities for work and education
  • Accessing suitable move on accommodation appropriate to need

Who is the service for?

The service is for people from the age of 18 who experience mental distress, who live in the Norwich area. We can also offer support with issues such as alcohol and drug misuse, self-harm and eating disorders but only if this is not the primary diagnosis or sole support need.

How long can I stay within the service?

We do not have a time limit on how long you can reside at ACP as this is based on individual needs but the goal is to get individuals to a point where they can move into independent accommodation.

Our Values

We will support to identify and build on individual’s strengths in order to promote recovery, and assist to achieve optimum level of independence. We work in partnership with the people who use our service, their families, friends, and wider care teams to promote and maintain good mental health and wellbeing. We offer a flexible and supportive service focused on need.

Our location

6 Astley Cooper Place
Estcourt Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 4DN