SLaM Staying Well Service (Southwark)

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) is the main provider of mental health care in Southwark.
The Staying Well Service offers time limited support for Southwark adult service users making the transition from community mental health services to GP based care in Southwark. Ideally, service users will have achieved a six month period of stability in clinical symptoms during his/her recovery pathway and are motivated to increase self management stills and independence by working collaboratively with a Staying Well Practitioner to develop a Staying Well, Recovery and Crisis Plan.
The Staying Well Practitioners use mental health recovery principles to guide the mental health care and support offered to service users. The service aims to actively involve family members, carers, friends, supportive organisations and primary care staff in the development of the Staying Well, Recovery and Crisis Plan which is a self management tool to assist service users to maintain his/her wellbeing after leaving secondary mental health services and provide guidance in the event of mental ill-health, distress or crisis in the future.