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Volunteers play an important part at Together in helping us to achieve our ambition for society so that everyone who experiences mental distress is valued, can live the life they choose and can determine their own future.

Volunteer with us
If you are looking for a rewarding and meaningful role, offering your valuable time to support the work of Together will enable us to reach more people who experience mental distress.

Frequently asked questions on volunteering

By volunteering at Together, whatever the role, you will be making a difference to people’s lives, people who experience mental distress but who also have had difficult life experiences, including social isolation, breakdown in relationships with family and friends, poverty and homelessness.

Volunteering is a great way to use your existing skills but also learn new skills and gain new knowledge.  It can lead to improved confidence and self-esteem and can be an opportunity to move forward towards other personal goals and opportunities.

There are a variety of volunteering opportunities.

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Each opportunity is different and we appreciate that you are giving your time to us for free.  To get the most out of any volunteering role, we would suggest a minimum of 3 hours per week.

All opportunities will involve an informal interview so you can find out more about us and we can learn more about you. You will also be able to understand what the opportunity involves, give you an opportunity to ask us any questions and to find out if it’s the right volunteer role for you.

A DBS check is a Disclosure and Barring Service check and looks at whether you have a criminal record. It will depend on the volunteer role whether we require you to have a DBS check and will be made clear on the role description and discussed at the informal interview stage.

Yes, but if the volunteer role you have applied for requires a DBS check, you will need to tell us about your criminal record once you have been offered a volunteer role with us. If you have a criminal record, we will discuss this with you and make a case-by-case decision about whether you can volunteer in a certain role.

Yes, we do request references for volunteers.  These can be character references.

We provide a thorough induction and any necessary training you will need to carry out your volunteering role. The training you get will be different depending on what volunteering role you’re doing.

Once you start your volunteering role, you will have a dedicated co-ordinator who will support you throughout your time as a volunteer.  All volunteers will receive regular supervision on a timeframe that works best for them.  You will also be given the opportunity to complete a volunteer wellbeing plan.

Yes, volunteers should receive reimbursement of reasonable out of pocket expenses such as travel costs rather than allowances, remuneration or other payments as these may present taxable liabilities.  All expenses must be agreed by your Co-ordinator.

We are not experts around benefits but volunteering shouldn’t affect your benefits. We suggest you seek advice from your local Job Centre or employment advisor prior to taking on a volunteering role.

Feedback on volunteering at Together

I really enjoy volunteering with the National Service User Steering Group (NSG) at Together. It really allows me to be open, creative and feel listened to, while doing the same for others within the team. We are also able to have different opinions, yet still respect and learn from each other to move forward, always improving services for service users at Together.

I came to Together as a service user and not in a good place with anxiety and depression. The excellent support I received meant that within a few months I was well and strong enough to want to become a Peer Support Volunteer. I just wish I'd found peer support years ago! Being able to use my lived experiences of mental health problems means that I can turn what was a horrible time in my life into something good and positive by helping someone else.

A personal volunteering story at Together

Hi my name is Shaun.

Whilst I was a service user at one of Together’s supported living services, my support worker approached me with a Volunteering opportunity to join Togethers National Service User Steering group. Together have been a key staple in my journey of recovery, both with my mental health and addiction to substances.

Although Together don’t provide the drug rehab services, their ability to understand, support and encourage me to be the best version of myself gave me the confidence I needed to achieve this. So when I had the opportunity to be a part of this organisation and give back I couldn’t say no.

And applying was one if the best opportunities I’ve taken and if I am honest, although I know the work I do does make a large impact and makes changes within the organisation, I feel that I have got more out of Together then they have from me.

I am no longer a service user but I still get their full support. Their values and principles are visible all across the organisation and they care about me as an individual. I get regular 1-1 support, have regular check in’s and if I need any advice or support around anything, I know exactly who to reach out and connect with.

My lifestyle and commitments are fully respected by all and I am treated as an equal. I have met many people across the organisation, including the CEO, a few of the Trustees, many of the Senior Leadership Team and also been in working groups alongside staff from all across the country in various positions.  Everyone has treated me with respect but also no differently to any other member of their team.

I am not just a volunteer I am a part of the Together team, which almost feels like part of a family. People spend time getting to know me, my strengths and my weakness’s.  They want to help me be best version of myself and have given me great opportunities for personal growth.  I am proud to be part of Together.

Volunteer for us

If you are interested in finding out about any volunteer vacancies we have, please complete the volunteer enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Thank you for interest in volunteering at Together.