Corporate support

Together is one of the UK’s leading mental health charities. We are also the oldest mental health charity and you can find out more about our history here. We work with almost 5,000 adults a month, many of whom face complex and recurring challenges with their mental wellbeing.

Corporate support

Collaboration is central to our philosophy and we have formed many productive partnerships with businesses and other corporate organisations.
There are a variety of ways you can work with Together, including:

We are always open to new ideas, however, and are happy to work with you to form a tailored plan that will meet your business objectives, while ensuring your support makes a real difference to the people who use our services. You can contact us using the details below.

How will you benefit from giving corporate support to Together?

  • Enhanced reputation. Together’s work is highly regarded, widely reported and we are very influential in the field of mental health care. An association with us can create positive exposure for your company.
  • Improved staff morale. Many surveys have reported that involving employees in charitable activity has a positive effect on team spirit and individual personal and professional development.
  • More effective recruitment and retention. Companies with a reputation for engaging in charitable activity have been found to be more successful at recruiting and retaining staff.
  • An effective commitment to corporate social responsibility. Mental illness affects eight million people in the UK at any time and costs the economy £77 billion a year. Yet it remains taboo, and prejudice can prevent people experiencing mental distress from accessing the support that can help them – adding to the social cost.

The truth is, we all benefit from improved mental wellbeing. Committing your company to supporting improved mental wellbeing sends a forward-thinking message to your employees, your customers, your stakeholders and to society at large.