Emotional Wellbeing Service

Hammersmith and Fulham Emotional Wellbeing Service is based in Hammersmith and Fulham Probation.

Emotional Wellbeing Service

The aim of the service is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people who offend, address their health and social care inequalities and assist in the management of risk to protect the public.

People who use the service who are on probation and living in Hammersmith & Fulham can be referred to the service to address their emotional wellbeing needs through person-centred interventions delivered by our practitioner. Referrals can be received from probation practitioners, professionals from services, such as accommodation, substance misuse, mental health teams or the service user themselves if they meet the service criteria. The structure of the service includes three key elements:

  1. Formal case consultation
  2. Assessment
  3. One to one intervention

When a referral is received, our practitioner provides consultation with the probation practitioner, assesses the individual’s needs and works alongside the person to create a support plan to address their emotional wellbeing needs. Our practitioner will also make onwards referrals or signpost to other services, where appropriate, to enable the person to have access to support for their varying needs.

The Emotional Wellbeing Service also provides individual and group consultations with probation practitioners, attends multi-agency meetings to identify cases who may need their support and offers drop in sessions for people who use the service to introduce them to the service.

Interventions are delivered one on one for up to 12 weeks. Interventions are predicated on a cognitive behavioural approach, with the aim to provide a range of evidence-based, short-term interventions to address immediate mental health and wellbeing needs, such as, mood management, anxiety management, resilience and psychoeducation. Interventions are also trauma-informed and person centred, putting the person at the centre of the service.


For more information about the Emotional Wellbeing Service, please contact Chloe Piper, the Service Manager.