Trustees’ Week 2020: Interview with Together Trustee Sarah Morton

Trustees’ Week runs from the 2nd of November to the 6th and for that we wanted to thank all of Together’s trustees for their hugely valuable contribution to our charity. To celebrate the week we spoke to one of the most recent people to join us, Sarah Morton who as well as being a Together Trustee, is a Manager at Peabody Community Foundation.

Why did you want to become a trustee of Together?

I wanted to become a trustee for Together as I really like what they are about. I feel that we are experts through experience and that mental health services, organisations and policies are better when we are part of designing them.

What do you see the value of having lived experience of mental distress brings to the Board?

I think we bring a different and really important perspective. We are able to think about how decisions might affect service users in a way that others cant. I think we play an important part in ensuring that what is best for service users guides decision making.

Can you share one thing that really makes you happy or makes you smile?

My dog! Makes me very happy. He’s a corgy cross collie with huge ears and sticky out feet. He’s incredibly loyal and has been keeping me company as I get used to spending more time at home. I love being outside. There is a beautiful wood near my house and I find a morning walk there puts me in a really good headspace. Its a really peaceful start to the day, especially if I am feeling a bit stressed.