Together resident at Astley Cooper Place shares poetry written during social distancing

As we all adjust to the new reality of social distancing and isolation during the coronavirus outbreak we all have more time on our hands. It can be difficult to know what to do with the time but one positive thing we can do is use that for creative outlets such as creative activities like writing, painting or creating music that otherwise we may not take the time to do.

One of the residents within Together’s Norfolk Integrated Housing and Community Support Service has done just that and created some poetry themed around dealing with social distancing and remaining positive by staying connected to others. Joanne at our Astley Cooper Place supported accommodation service shared two poems and said writing the poems felt good to get a bit of how I felt out”. In writing the poems she wanted “people to know that they are not alone and that people are out there, possibly feeling the same”. Her first poem is as below and when she refer’s to her boys she means her two budgies that live with her:

Sitting in my room,
With my Boys either side,
Really feeling this world,
Is taking me for a ride!
I’m wishing you good health,
Away from this sickness,
Take Care of your self,
And don’t get lost in all the mess.
Think of your loved ones,
The ones that are so dear,
The ones that are always near.
Your future may seem glum,
Like all your plans are on the run,
But have faith in your family,
The words they say,
The words that will never run away.
So take care my good mate,
And we shall look forward to the date ,
When we all can come together,
And love each other forever!

Joanne’s second poem is as follows:

For all the worried people out there,
There is something I’d like to share,
Some words of faith and hope,
That goes along with all this soap!
This obsessive cleaning we must do,
To keep our good health,
And a clean inner-self.
To keep our moods high,
We must all really try,
Keep happy and well.
Bad mental health must be banned,
And we should understand,
This will come to an end,
But for now we’ll have to depend,
On family and friends,
To see us through,
At this time of poo!
So take care of yourself,
And soon we will find,
Our Piece of mind!