LGBT+ History Month 2022 – Art and History – A Poem by Moni Noszkay from Rochdale Advocacy Hub

The theme for LGBT+ History Month 2022 is Art and Politics focussing on how art and expression have helped to bring about change and justice for the rights of LGBT+ people.

For this at Together we asked staff and service users who identify as LGBT+ to share examples of art (including any form of creative expression such as music, film, literature or art) that was inspiring and important to them. We wanted to hear how that art was used to tell stories of LGBT+ people to bring about change and how that in turn benefited their own mental health.

Moni Noszkay is the Service Manager at Together’s Rochdale Advocacy Hub and for the month rather than referring specifically to a piece of art, chose to create her own by sharing a poem she wrote called ‘Lend Me Your Ears’. Within that she describes some of the important changes she has seen and also explains that she is part of Together’s LGBTQ+ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group and what that entails: