Sporting Recovery

Sporting Recovery develop and promote ways of helping people with mental health issues cope with their recovery journey and find ways of integrating back into their community. Their programmes integrate sports, nutritional advice and education (with nationally recognised qualifications leading to employment) into an accessible form for participants.
Sporting Recovery offer team sports and exercise for people with complex needs at whatever point in their recovery journey, in-patient or in the community. They provide practical support and information about the nutritional needs required to sustain a healthy lifestyle for sporting activities. They also offer opportunities to develop coaching certificates in the various sporting and exercise disciplines alongside basic healthy cooking classes.
As a non-profit organisation , any profits made by the company are invested to create a positive impact within the community. As part of their investment programme, they select and train service users to become Sporting Recovery coaches across a number of sport and exercise disciplines. Once trained the service users can gain work experience within Sporting Recovery or can work/volunteer with other local leisure/sporting companies.