SLaM Psychosis Community Service (Southwark North East)

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) is the main provider of mental health care in Southwark.
The team provides care for adults, aged 18-65, who have a psychotic illness. This involves distorted perceptions of reality – thinking, feeling, hearing and seeing – often with symptoms of hallucinations and delusions.We are available to people who live in the London Borough of Southwark (North East) who already receive care and treatment for mental illness from one of our other therapy services.
People eligible for our service must be on the Care Programme Approach (CPA). The CPA is a way of describing what you need in order to get the best care. It is for patients who need to see several people or organisations for their mental health care and treatment.
We work with teams of health and social care professionals, including nurses, social workers and psychiatrists; all working together with the patient and their carers. We also work with the patient’s GP, local day care centres and housing associations as required.