Communications form for people who use Together services submission form

This page is a space where both people who currently use our services or past users of our services submit their details to be involved in communications with the charity.

Communications form for people who use Together services submission form

Being involved with communications can mean a lot of different things from just receiving updates on the content we’re putting out to having conversations with the team about telling your own story and sharing your lived experience of mental distress.

With the form our aim is to make it easier for people who use Together services to have their voices heard, if that is something they are keen to do, or for us to refer to them or their specific lived experiences if relevant events or stories come up. We also want to give the people who use our services the opportunity to stay up to date with our work and the stories we share both while using our services and if they move on from those.

Please enter your details into the form below and if you have any questions or would prefer to submit your details through a call with someone from the comms team then let us know by emailing comms-admin@together–

Together service user communications submission form
Are you currently using a Together service or did you use them in the past?
Would you like to receive updates from Together on the work we're carrying out and our service users via our email bulletin?
Would you be interested in sharing your lived experiences by creating content for the Together website and to be posted on social media to share insights and increase awareness while providing support to others with similar experiences? (Please note the wellbeing of participants is the most important thing when creating any content for the comms team at Together and the best way to proceed will be decided through conversations to establish what the person is comfortable with and what is most appropriate)
Which of the following methods would you prefer us to contact you by to discuss this further:
In the future Together would like to have a database of people currently using our services or who have used them previously to refer to share surveys with or to put out calls around specific awareness days or topics to be involved in. Would you like to be on that list?

Together will only use the information provided on this form for the reasons stated and will never share data with third party sources. You can unsubscribe from communications anytime or contact us to do so at and read more at our privacy statement at Please tick the box below to confirm you agree to provide consent for your details to be submitted to the Together communications team: