On this page you can find videos we've created that show the ways we work alongside people who experience mental distress as explained by our staff from around the charity.


Peer support in criminal justice settings

Together works alongside people who experience mental distress in criminal justice settings providing peer support to them which our Chief Executive Linda Bryant discusses here. The lived experience that our peer supporters provide is incredibly valuable to people that use our service and provides insight and understanding beyond what our mental health practitioners can. That makes them an essential part of the overall service our criminal justice team offer and as we look to ensure with all of our work at Together, service user involvement is at the centre of it.

Inclusion at Together

In the summer of 2022 members of Together’s Inclusion Groups collaborated to record this video highlighting some of the common misconceptions they face to provide training to managers and staff across the organisation:

Insights on advocacy at Together’s Rochdale Hub

In these videos Alex Clark from Together's Rochdale Advocacy Hub explains how she works alongside people who experience mental distress:
In this second video Alex talks more about how within advocacy the team look to protect the human rights of the people who use the service:

Recovery worker Paul Appleby on his role and using his own lived experience

In this film Paul Appleby explains what his role as a recovery worker at Norfolk Integrated Housing and Community Support Service involves. Paul also describes how he uses his lived experience to help others having struggled with his own mental health in the past

Volunteering at Together

In these films Montana Cantagalli gives insights on volunteering with Together and specifically being part of our National Service User Steering Group and how she finds that:
In this second film Montana goes on to describe the value of lived experience and why that is so important: