Supported housing services

These services are for people aged 18 years and over who have faced complex and recurring challenges with their mental wellbeing, and are preparing to move on to independent living, for example to their own flat.

Supported housing services

We offer people person-centred support to develop practical daily living skills, and tools for managing their mental health so that they can stay well longer term.

A key focus is on supporting people to manage their current tenancy agreement with their local housing provider (Housing Association or local authority), so that they can develop the confidence to maintain a tenancy on their own in the future.

We support people to manage general housing issues, benefits and finances. Once they are ready to start the process of moving on, we help them to register on housing lists, and to search for and view suitable properties.

Alongside practical skills development, we work alongside people to build tools to manage their day-to-day mental health, identify and protect against triggers, and put in place plans for dealing with a crisis.

We support them to identify and engage with training, volunteering and employment opportunities in line with their personal recovery goals. We also help them to develop hobbies and engage in social activities, building informal and personal support networks to protect against relapse.

Staff are available on site to offer support at several points throughout each day or week, depending on the needs of each individual. This may involve night-time support if necessary.

If anyone needs support to manage their personal care, we have a supported living branch which is registered with the CQC to provide this type of support to individuals across our services.

You can learn more about each of our supported accommodation services and what they offer by clicking on the links below. Please contact staff at each service for more information and to discuss referrals.