A poem by Together Kirtling House Accommodation Service User, Jessica Fillbrook

As we begin 2022 with uncertainty continuing around the Covid pandemic, we’re pleased to share a poem written by one of the people who use our services considering the impact on society and things we can be thankful for. Jessica Fillbrook is a resident at our Kirtling House Accommodation Service in Winchester and uses poetry as a creative outlet that is beneficial to mental health and utilises her lived experience.

As we say goodbye to another year,
Filled with virus which caused so much fear.

The Doctors worked night and day,
To keep the monster far away.

The Nurses worked until they were on their knees,
with some even paying the ultimate fee.

We clapped for the care that we received,
Our losses could not be any more unfair,
But still we thank God for all the care.

When Boris spoke some thought he was an idiotic bloke.

Out came the face masks,
How long until we can take them off we ask,
Non-essential shops were a thing of the past,
How long can this surely last?

The children roar that school is no more!
But even that began to bore.

And then virus started to go away,
With less and less deaths each day.

But then it mutated,
Well that got debated,
I don’t believe it’s true shouted the few!

Just look at all the deaths,
as people take their last breaths.
So it must be true, I say to the few.

If we follow the rules,
Instead of acting like fools,
Things will get better,
If we follow the rules to the letter.

But for now let’s get together,
And thank God for our health,
Surely that’s the best kind of wealth?

I say to you Happy New Year,
Let’s hope it’s one with less fears and no more tears.

Please check you’re clear,
before your loved ones get too near!

Thank you to Jessica for taking the time to write this poem and for sharing it.