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Your Way: William at Bedfordshire Your Way

I came to Together’s Kelvin Grove accommodation service when I was discharged from Wood Lea Clinic, the secure unit that I lived in at the time. I’d been in and out of there for years. When I came to Kelvin Grove in 2012, it seemed to me to be a nice place with nice people.

5 I’ve made a lot of new friends here which I’ve enjoyed as I like being around people and it keeps me from feeling lonely. They’re good people and we get on well — we have a lot in common. Meeting Chris and Louise who worked there, I saw that these were staff that cared.

I wanted to be independent, and Louise helped me to learn the shopping, cooking and basic health and safety skills that I needed to achieve that. I’m now finally able to live by myself, and when I moved out I continued to receive support from the same staff through Together’s Bedfordshire Your Way community support service. The same staff who I know and trust from Kelvin Grove still work to support me in my mental health and wellbeing as I sometimes need help when I get unhappy and begin to feel down.  Their support has made me feel more independent than I was – I can meet my friends now at my own place and I can DJ; my music is very important to me.

Your Way gives me the support I need to stay independent, like occasional help with sticking to my medication or visits to markets. I always get to choose what I want to do, like going to the cinema with a support worker, and I decide on my own support which has helped my wellbeing. I also now attend St Pauls Church regularly and volunteer with the British Heart Foundation, which Louise told me about and I really enjoy. I feel as though I have really done very well here.