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Dani’s Story

Dani accessed the Southwark Wellbeing Hub, he tells us more about his experiences:

On the estate I grew up on there weren’t many career opportunities for most young people; drugs were rife and most young people (including myself) did not finish school. Working in music was a way to escape and express myself. When I was in my 20s I became mentally unwell and self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. This resulted in me losing everything, including friends, my chance to work in the music industry and almost my own life. I was diagnosed with alcoholism, schizophrenia and severe depression and from there I started seeking out support from community mental health teams, intense therapy and medication.

I knew I wanted to get my life back on track but I didn’t want to do it alone. My CPN referred me to the Wellbeing Hub, where I was assigned to a Your Way Worker, Paris. Together we set goals that would allow me to get back into education to pursue my lifetime goal of working within the music industry.  I do find it hard to trust people however the workers at the Hub have made me feel confident and regain my self-esteem. Paris also helped with my housing issues which had been going on for months. Resolving these had a massive impact on my confidence and mental health.

With Paris’ help, I enrolled at Morley College online (which I did not feel confident doing on my own). Paris came with me to the college open day which was so beneficial because she had asked questions that I would not have thought to ask – we also booked an appointment with the learning support team.

I can’t believe how much was achieved – within six weeks my housing issues were sorted out and within 10 weeks I had enrolled on the specific music course I had my heart set on. The Wellbeing Hub has made it possible for me to regain my life and live out my dream I once had as a young man. I’m now finished the course and I have enrolled onto the second level all by myself. I am still pinching myself as my dreams are now becoming a reality.