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Please note that whilst our office is open remotely, all face-to-face appointments and groups are on hold.

Volunteer with us

Our service supports people across the borough of Southwark. We need volunteers to represent and empower those from different backgrounds who are marginalised, isolated or facing stigma due to mental ill health and related issues.

Being a volunteer with us is not just about giving – it’s about the opportunity to develop socially, professionally and personally; experiencing the charity and social care sector as part of a dedicated team.

Volunteer roles

We have a range of volunteering opportunities to suit different skills and interests. All our volunteer roles are based in and around the Southwark Wellbeing Hub and involve working alongside people to support them through challenges relating to mental health.

Goal & Planning Volunteer

  • Goal & Planning Volunteers work with service users to identify goals, objectives and help them work towards these.
  • They provide support, guidance and encouragement.
  • They meet with service users on a weekly basis as arranged.
  • They maintain records for monitoring for tracking purposes.
  • They use their own initiative, working with the team to identify and access relevant resources.
  • They participate in one to one and group supervisions.
  • They maintain confidentiality in accordance to the organisation’s confidentiality policy.
  • They act as an ambassador for Southwark Wellbeing Hub, promoting the services to local statutory and voluntary teams and attending events when necessary.

Helpline Volunteer

  • Helpline Volunteers provide emotional and signposting support with the aim to connect service users with the local community.
  • They carry out follow up calls to service users to gain information around signposting support offered.
  • They work alongside the Workshops Coordinator to contact service users to obtain feedback from attending the workshops.
  • They ensure effective records are maintained using the service’s Case Management System
  • They undertake research in different topics to identify support in the local area and work alongside the Communications Coordinator to review the service’s online directory ·
  • They act as an ambassador for Southwark Wellbeing Hub, promoting the services to local statutory and voluntary teams and attending events when necessary.

Workshops and Group Volunteer

  • Workshops and Group Volunteers assist with the co-ordination of activities, working closely with the Wellbeing Workshops Coordinator.
  • They welcome participants to the group and offer emotional support to individuals when needed.
  • They support the process of gathering feedback from participants ·
  • They work with the Wellbeing Workshops Coordinator to plan and implement various activities in the local community.
  • They act as an ambassador for Southwark Wellbeing Hub, promoting the services to local statutory and voluntary teams and attending events when necessary.

Volunteer as a Peer Supporter

“Being a Peer Supporter with the Wellbeing Hub contributes to my own personal development and growth.  It helps me to breakaway from isolation and improves my ability in developing relationships with others.  It is very nourishing to the soul to be able to give hope and encourage others to empower themselves.  It is also rewarding to bear witness to the progress, personal development and growth of those I support”

Denise, Peer Supporter

Whereas the above volunteering roles work directly alongside Hub Support Coordinators, aiding the day-to-day operations of the Hub, Peer Supporters use their lived experience of mental distress to mentor a service user with whom they share this experience.

Whereas volunteers work alongside the Hub’s Volunteer Coordinator, Peer Supporters work with our Peer Support Coordinators.

Peer Support is an integral part of the Hub, and Together’s, mission. You can find out more about the Hub’s offer of Peer Support here. If you are interested in Together’s view of Peer Support more widely, please click here.

What does it take to be a Volunteer?

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances that lead them to want to volunteer, as a service we will value getting to know you and supporting you in your personal and professional journey. In return we expect you to work with us to strive for a high standards in the following areas:

  • High level of interpersonal skills: being able to listen and reflect to clients with a high level of self-awareness and empathy. Respecting that everyone’s emotional needs are different. Fostering a collaborative mind-set and being proactive about conflict management. Inspiring hope in those you are supporting and building trust and maintaining consistent relationships.
  • Working in a chain of command, whilst being able to work independently and take initiative. Self-motivating and self-organising; being punctual and working within time limitations; knowing when to ask for help and defer to other’s skills, knowledge and authority.
  • Practising self-reflection and reflection with others, developing self-care strategies.
  • Developing your understanding of and perspectives on Mental Health and related issues.
  • Contributing your unique expertise and experience in as many ways as possible to support the service.

From each of our volunteers we ask for a commitment of one day per week and require a minimum of at least six months commitment.

All volunteers must complete a three-day training course and induction, provided by the Hub. After this, volunteers will complete four sessions shadowing a member of the Hub team, to ensure they are fully accustomed to their role.