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Southwark Local Support Team

Southwark’s Local Support Team is a service that helps support vulnerable customers to get their full entitlement to welfare benefits manages and administers the Southwark Emergency Support Scheme and the Hardship Fund.

Income Maximisation/Benefits advice
The Local Support income maximisation service offers vulnerable residents of Southwark information, advice and support to claim benefits for themselves and their household.  They can assess clients’ entitlement to welfare benefits, provide better off calculations and help to resolve complex benefit issues for customers.
Customers can make an appointment at one of the Local Support team’s surgeries or, if a customer is housebound or unable to visit us, they can request a visit at home for help with claims and offer advice about all of the extra income and services they may be entitled to.

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Southwark Emergency Support Scheme (SESS)
The Local Support Team can help Southwark residents who are on a qualifying benefit and are:

  1. Experiencing an unforeseen circumstance in time of crisis, emergency or disaster and as a result, they are at risk of significant harm or
  2. At risk of having to move out of their home and community and go into care or
  3. Moving back into the community after spending time in an institution, such as a care home or hospital.

Awards for successful claims are normally in the form of goods or services. For example, a customer may qualify for white goods, flooring, bedding, clothing or food.

The Hardship Fund
The Local Support Team can help some of the most vulnerable residents in Southwark who are experiencing severe financial hardship, with an award from the Hardship Fund. Residents who could be supported by the scheme people with disabilities who have seen their benefits reduced as a result of recent government changes.
If you or someone you know, needs our help, please complete the online referral form

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