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Please note that whilst our office is open remotely, all face-to-face appointments and groups are on hold.

Philadelphia Association

The Philadelphia Association was founded in 1965 by RD Laing and others to challenge accepted ways of understanding and treating mental and emotional suffering.
We continue to hold the values which brought our founders together, above all:

  • A recognition and respect for the individuality of each person.
  • A belief in the value of ordinary ways of living and being together.
  • A scepticism towards ways of thinking that are too often taken for granted.
  • A commitment to conversation as a way of articulating what disturbs people.

We believe in the value of community as a way out of isolation and despair and as a way of fostering dignity, responsibility and greater autonomy.

Further details

Who is this service for?

We offer: Community households where people with serious emotional difficulties can live with others for substantial periods of time and try to make sense of their difficulties and live more productive lives. Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups. Psychotherapy training programme which encourages critical thinking and open mindedness. Introductory course which provides an introduction to some of our ideas and ways of working.

How to access

If you are seeking psychotherapy for yourself or another, please contact the Philadelphia Association office via email, by telephone or by post, full details on the ‘contact us’ page. To begin, you have an initial consultation with a qualified and experienced UKCP therapist. At this consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss the difficulties you are facing, and consider which therapy is right for you.

Address & Contact details

4 Marty London NW3 1QW

Phone: 0300 123 1708

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