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Coming Off Psychiatric Medication

Coming Off Psychiatric Medication

This website aims to give you up to date information about psychiatric medication, how it functions and the withdrawal process. It is put together by people who have been prescribed medication and withdrawn from it, and clinicians who have been involved in supporting this process. Research suggests doctors tend to know more about putting people on medication than the actual withdrawal process. It is important therefore to disseminate information about the coming off process.

If we want to reduce or stop our dependence on psychiatric medication, it is important to develop other ways of balancing mood and dealing with difficult mind states. It is also important to develop a support network around you that will support you in this coming off process. We recommend where possible people work collaboratively with their prescriber to negotiate the coming off process. Reducing medication can be a difficult process so it is important to prepare well before starting a reduction process.
If you are considering coming off your psychiatric medications you can find information about your specific medication by looking under the heading "Your Medication". This will give you information on how the drug interacts with the brain, adverse effects of the drug, any associated withdrawal effects and suggested rates of withdrawal.

Under the heading planning you will find information about things to consider when planning your withdrawal. The planning of the withdrawal is very important. We ask you to consider questions such as, is this the right time for you to withdraw, what have you got in place to replace the drugs, who could you turn to for support etc. Therefore, we strongly recommend you go through the Planning your withdrawal pages before commencing your withdrawal.

Under the heading "Alternatives" are stories of how individuals have found other ways (without medication) to manage difficult mind and mood states and where these services/activities can be found/accessed. We strongly recommend individuals find other ways to regulate/support their mental health and start incorporating these into their lifestyle before starting their withdrawal.

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