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Please note that whilst our office is open remotely, all face-to-face appointments and groups are on hold.

Workshops & Groups

Having even just a few activities in your week can bring relaxation, a sense of achievement and connection with others.

With this in mind, our programme of Wellbeing Workshops aims to maintain, and improve, your wellbeing in the long term. Within the workshops you can take time for yourself, share your interests, pass on your learning and connect with others in the borough.

We think understanding more about symptoms and ways to alleviate them, whilst having a safe space to talk to others who share our experience, makes a big difference to how we think and feel.

There’s no need to do things alone, this is an opportunity for everyone living in Southwark or who has a GP in Southwark. You can view the brochure for this term’s Wellbeing Workshops here:

Wellbeing Workshops Brochure January – March 2020

Sign up to a Workshop

You can use the below form to express interest in joining a particular Wellbeing Workshop or group. Please provide your contact details for us to get back to you.

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