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Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA)

Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA) apoya a mujeres y niños saliendo de situaciones de violencia doméstica a través de la asesoría, el consejo y un refugio de emergencia. Empoderamos a las mujeres para que lleven una vida independiente, conozcan sus derechos y provean a sus hijos de un futuro esperanzador.

Latin American Women’s Aid Refuge (LAWA) is a UK charity that supports Latin American and other black and ethnic minority women and children experiencing domestic violence to start a new life and play a fuller role in the community. They offer emergency accommodation along with a range of services designed to ensure high quality of service provision. They also provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive and holistic advice, including family and community outreach work in other areas of London.

Address & Contact details

18 Ashwin Street London E8 3DL

Phone: 0207 275 0321

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