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Coin Street Family and Children’s Centre

We are a social enterprise and our aim is to make our neighbourhood a great place to live, work in, and visit. Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB) has transformed a largely derelict 13 acre site into a thriving mixed use neighbourhood by creating new co-operative homes; shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars; a park and riverside walkway; sports facilities; by organising festivals and events; and by providing childcare, family support, learning, and enterprise support programmes. Income is generated from a variety of sources including the hire of retail and catering spaces, event spaces, meeting room spaces and conference venue spaces as well as the provision of consultancy services.
We also provide a variety of advice and support for families. The services are available from pregnancy right through to when a child goes to primary school. We bring all the different support agencies together to offer a range of services to meet family needs, all in one place. Children can make friends and learn as they play and parents can get professional advice on health and family matters, learn about training and job opportunities or just socialise with other people.

Address & Contact details

Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, 108 Stamford Street, Borough, SE1 9NH

Phone: 0207 021 1600

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