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Bags of Taste

Learn how to make delicious meals that cost no more than £1 a head to make – like Fajitas, Malaysian Noodles or a Fish Curry, plus many more
We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to.  We’ve created stacks of authentic recipes from around the world that taste as good, if not better than any takeaway or processed ready-meal – like the above, plus also Sheek Kebab, Veggie Chili, Swedish Meatballs, Caesar Salad and more.  Kids everywhere love them.
The recipes are designed to be cheap, quick and easy to cook, using little equipment and little kitchen space.  We’ve also worked out where the best place to shop for the ingredients you useis in your area, so you don’t have to waste time and money searching.
Be a fabulous cook and learn how to cut the cost of great tasting food
The Bags of Taste Virtual course is completely free – and we deliver all the ingredients so you can start cooking immediately. You can join the course via whatsapp, facebook messenger, or by phone, and one of our mentors will guide you through the different recipes, sharing helpful tips to save money and time while cooking.
You can cook any time you want in the comfort of your own kitchen as the two week programme is totally flexible.
When you graduate, we will share all our delicious recipes that cost £1 a less to make and we give you access to our whatsapp and facebook groups where we share tips, advice and new recipes, so you can keep cooking healthy and saving on your daily costs.
It all adds up to lots of fun, big savings, and discvovering new flavours and dishes.
Save around £1,400 a year on food and takeaway bills
On average, our research tells us that participants’ families save around £1,400 a year on food bills.  This sounds a lot – but if you’re eating just 2 takaways a week, that’s £10 which is over £500 a year!  People save on their groceries too – the recipes use really cheap ingredients and we also show you where to get them cheap.  It’s also healthier cooking your own food than buying-in, so many people also lose weight.
Enjoy feeding your friends and family the same delicious food
So that you can practise at home we’ve made up bags of the same ingredients you’ve just learnt how to cook, enough to make four meals, and we sell them at the end of each lesson for just £3.  We’ve done the shopping so you don’t have to!  Save time and hassle by buying our ready made ingredients bags – you can go straight home and impress your friends and family, and enjoy your own amazing cooking. We’ll also show you how and where to buy the same ingredients locally for the same price.  Just look at our testimonials to see how successful and proud people feel to have cooked the same food for their friends and families at home.  The compliments they receive are heart-warming.
Be part of a growing community
Each course lasts two weeks and you learn three recipes as part of a group with other students. You can share your own pictures, videos and tips in the kitchen and get to know new people during lockdown. Our mentors are enthusiastic and friendly and there to help you if you have a question, and its a great way yo get to know people and make friends.
Everyone is welcome!  All our recipes come with meat-free options, so whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or you eat halal, we will have something delicious for you.

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