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Asylum Help

Asylum Help understands that the asylum process can be very complex and difficult to navigate through. If you are newly arrived or been in the UK some time, Asylum Help is here to provide you with support and guidance to assist you through this process.
Asylum Help operates across the UK and is dedicated to providing you with confidential and impartial advice. We provide the information and resources you need to help you understand your situation and make informed decisions. We are unable, however, to provide any advocacy, but can refer you to local support organisations, if appropriate.
Our Asylum Advice (UK) teams can provide you with advice and support to help you navigate through the asylum process. Our Asylum Advice (UK) teams can give you advice on:
How to claim asylum
The asylum process
Accommodation support
Financial support
Finding legal representation
Accessing health care
Other asylum issues
Asylum Support Application (UK)
Our Asylum Support Application (UK) teams can provide you with help to complete your application form for support (financial and or accommodation). Our teams can assist with:
Completing an application for support for current asylum applicants (section95)
Completing an application for support for fully refused asylum applicants (section 4)
Notifying the Home Office of a change of circumstance
Please note that we are able to give advice on rights and entitlements but we are not able to provide legal advice or legal representation. If we cannot help, we will provide you with a list of qualified legal representatives.

Address & Contact details

Phone: 0808 8010 503

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