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Thames Magistrates Court – Liaison and Diversion Service

Thames Magistrates Court,
58-68 Bow Road,
E3 4DJ,
Call: 020 7780 7394

Services offered:

  • Criminal Justice Mental Health Services
  • Liaison and Diversion

Project Managers: Monique Kelly, Verity Metherell (interim)

The Liaison and Diversion (L&D) commissioned in 2014 is an NHSE funded London service available to service users aged 18 and over. The service delivers against NHS England’s National Liaison and Diversion Operating Model. Our liaison and diversion practitioners assess the needs of vulnerable individuals in Magistrates’ and Crown Courts across London, working closely with a wide range of partners including the Crown Prosecution Service, detention staff, Probation and Community Mental Health Teams to ensure that individuals have access to the right health and social care services. L&D Practitioners work to an all vulnerabilities model and aim to see all women, the service is voluntary.

The national L&D service specification 2019 can he found here