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Cliddesden Road Accommodation Service

103 Cliddesden Road
RG21 3EY
01256 333423

Services offered:

  • Housing
  • Progression Together

Project Manager: David North
Operations & Development Manager: Nicholas Johnson
This service offers peer support, click here to find out more


We believe that everyone should have choice and control of their support, no matter what stage of their journey they are at, or how complex their needs.

Progression Together is our model of personalised accommodation based support. It is designed to help people with complex and challenging mental health needs move progressively towards increased independence, at a pace that’s right for them.

The six key elements of Progression Together are:

  1. We support people along a staged pathway from initial intensive residential support, to preparing for independence and ultimately living independently in their community. At each stage, staff work alongside the individual towards tailored, meaningful goals, and ensure these are achieved before moving to the next stage of the process.
  2. We give people increasing levels of responsibility for directing their own support and recovery, introducing appropriate levels of choice and control so that they can set their own goals, decide how they work towards them and with whom. This self-directed support is designed to help them prepare for the transition to using a Personal Budget for their care once living independently.
  3. Our staff are experienced in assessing the need for additional clinical care (such as psychotherapy or occupational therapy), and supporting people to access this.
  4. We work closely with all the agencies involved in a resident’s care (for example MAPPA or the Community Mental Health Team) throughout their progress towards recovery and independent living, to ensure a co-ordinated, informed approach to assessment, support planning and review for every individual.
  5. We give staff the specialist training they need to be confident in supporting people with a wide range of complex needs.
  6. Peer supporters draw on their own experiences of mental distress to help others towards better mental wellbeing. Genuine, meaningful peer support can help people take huge strides towards better mental health, and is a core part of the service we offer in our Progression Together services.

For more information:

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