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Together for Mental Wellbeing – Annual Review 2014–2015

How we supported people to lead independent and fulfilling lives in

This year was about reaching more and different people and supporting them in different ways. We continued to put people at the centre of their own support, at every point of their recovery journey, whatever their circumstances.

The seven themes below outline what we achieved for people this year, as told by those who use our services, and the staff and volunteers that support them to achieve their goals.


Proving that putting people in control works

We launched the results of a three-year independent evaluation of our Your Way services, showing how personalised support improves wellbeing. Maxine, Anneka, Rob and Martin describe how support from Your Way helped them achieve their goals.

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Helping people to find the right support

Our new Southwark Wellbeing Hub began work taking the stress out of finding, choosing and accessing support, while our practitioners based in courts and police stations supported almost 4,000 people to get the support they needed to lead a life away from crime.

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Improving the customer experience

We invited those we support to design and implement our reporting and care planning systems. Sam describes how subtle changes to support planning paperwork can make a huge practical difference to individuals.

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Giving people a voice

We expanded our advocacy provision in both secure settings and the community, and made sure our advocates were equipped to work in line with the new Care Act.

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Our year in numbers

We supported more than 4,500 people each month in 2014-15
Our criminal justice services helped 500 people a month tackle the difficult things in their lives and steer clear of crime
Our community support services helped around 2,200 people a month work towards meaningful goals
Our advocates helped more than 1,600 people a month to have their views and wishes heard
We expanded our peer support to be available in 26 services
Our accommodation services supported 260 people each month to live more independently

Supporting smoother transitions

We launched a new service to help people transition to the community from high support and secure settings, and as an alternative to hospital admissions.

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Intervening early and closing gaps in provision

Our new Pathways service in York began work supporting people who regularly contact emergency services, while our service in Rotherham celebrated a year of helping young adults tackle the difficult things in their lives and steer clear of crime.

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Supporting people to support each other

26 of our services now offer peer support, meaning hundreds more people can benefit from the support of someone who has chosen to use their experience of mental distress to help others.

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