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Together for Mental Wellbeing stands against racism in all its forms - read our anti-racism commitment.

Personal stories

Our success is built on the successes of the people that use our services. Read some of their personal stories below to find out more about how we work together with people with mental health problems to help them on their journey towards independent, fulfilling lives.

“I received weekly peer support from people with mental health difficulties themselves. This was really helpful and it was coming from people who had actually been in the same situation as me and knew how it felt” Hear Ellen’s story.

“The group has been really helpful and it’s been good to get feedback from people with similar experiences both of mental distress and who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community too. That made it easier to open up and share things with them and I’ve been attending regularly since last May.” Hear Frankie’s story.

“Everyone was sharing their experiences and ideas and they were all quite open and you could say as much or as little about your experiences as you wanted to.” Hear Alison’s Story

“Nobody’s stood up for me like that before in a professional sense and I can’t describe how it’s made me feel.” Hear Jasper’s story