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Together for Mental Wellbeing stands against racism in all its forms - read our anti-racism commitment.

Together's resources give me more confidence when supporting people with mental health problems.

Our Work

We publish a range of materials for those using our services, as well as mental health professionals.

Personal stories

Our success is built on the successes of our service users. Read their personal stories to find out more about how we work together with people with mental health problems to help them on their journey towards independent, fulfilling lives.


Our research provides useful evidence for practitioners and policy makers to help them improve care for people suffering mental distress in the UK.


Our practical guides support our skills and learning development programmes to help those who come into contact professionally with people with mental health problems understand the issues and follow best practice. We also produce guides for everyone that demystify some of the issues around mental health.


Our range of videos feature noted speakers talking about key issues in mental health care, as well as some of the users of our services talking about their experiences.