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Supporting people on probation

Together’s Forensic Mental Health Practitioner (FMHP) Service works within the National Probation Service (NPS) to provide assessment and therapeutic intervention where people have a primary mental health need and may also be experiencing a number of other vulnerabilities including personality disorder, learning disability and substance or alcohol misuse. Our practitioners also support service users with risk concerns including self-harm and suicide.

An important part of our practitioners’ role is to promote better understanding of the relationship between mental health problems and other vulnerabilities, and offending behaviour and risk. They work with Offender Managers through case consultation using a problem solving framework to support them to think in a psychologically informed way about the service user and their emotional and behavioural presentation. This supports Offender Managers to tailor their approach and respond to the diversity and need of the individuals they work with. This approach is in line with the core features of the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) Operational Model in delivering a Human Service Approach, where the primary focus is on the impact of the relationship developed between the Offender Manager and the service user.

In addition, our practitioners help Offender Managers to develop links and navigate pathways to relevant mental health and social care services. We also work directly with these services to improve access routes and understanding of services within the NPS.

Our team responds flexibly to the diverse needs of service users. For example, we have created a designated women and gangs specialist role, which deals with referrals from the Serious Group Offending Cohort, from Offender Managers across the NPS, and from our own practitioners in other NPS sites.

For more information about our work supporting people on probation, please contact Fabio Gomes on 020 7780 7392.