Southwark Council - Anti-Social Behaviour Unit

Antisocial behaviour is a broad term used to describe nuisance and disorder that can make people’s lives a misery. It includes anything from vandalism, noisy and abusive neighbours to rowdiness.
You have the right to live peacefully in your home and we will investigate all complaints made by or against our residents.

In an emergency, such as when someone is injured, being threatened or in danger, always call 999

When it’s not an emergency, you should report it to us online.
Report antisocial behaviour
You can also:

If you’re being disturbed by noise

You can report noise disturbances to our noise and nuisance team any time of the day either online or by calling 020 7525 5777 (find out about call charges). They will visit you to assess the problem and take steps to deal with it.

Response times

All reports of antisocial behaviour to Southwark Council are put into one of three categories.

Category one

You will be contacted within 24 hours if you report:

  • offensive and hate related graffiti
  • racial, homophobic, or any hate-related harassment
  • threat or use of physical violence

 Category two

You will be contacted within three working days if you report:

  • rowdy behaviour
  • vandalism and damage to property
  • large groups congregating

 Category three

You will be contacted within five working days if you report:

  • noisy neighbours
  • street drinking and begging
  • litter, rubbish, flytipping
  • misuse of motorised vehicles
  • neighbour disputes