Mind Southwark & Lambeth: Psychotherapy for all

Mind Southwark & Lambeth Psychotherapy clinic offers free, long-term talking therapies to people who are in need of help with a broad range of mental health difficulties.

The clinic now includes the Psychosis Therapy Project: a specialist talking therapy service for people who experience psychosis.

The General Psychotherapy service is designed for clients who experience moderate-to-severe anxiety, depression and other mental health difficulties.

In both services, priority is given to people who are earning less than £15,000 per year, and to people who are in receipt of benefits.

The Psychosis Therapy Project offers treatment for people experiencing psychosis, with a team of psychoanalytically trained practitioners. The service is committed to strategies of stabilisation and the management of persistent symptoms. The therapeutic work they offer is long-term (up to one year), giving clients time and space to articulate distressing experiences and cultivate robust and enduring solutions.